Top 3 Online Marketing Tools to Boost Your Sales Drastically

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06Oct, 2018

Online Marketing has become a major part for many companies in today’s world. Startup businesses are investing big in this department of marketing. Investments are not always made in the form of money, you can find many business marketing tools for free but they take a lot of time to work. It is also crucial to know whether you are investing in the right tools or not.  All those tools are well capable of getting you more business leads and boost up your conversion rate. In this article, I will tell you about the Top three online marketing tools which can help you to boost up your sales drastically.


HubSpot is one of the best marketing tools currently operating in the online business market, with having above 700 million assets across the world it is the most reliable tool for online branding. It provides help with different ways of online marketing like Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Marketing Automation, Analytics and a lot more. There is nothing else to be unveiled about it. Basically its all in one software with a lot to offer for its customers also with great services and free trials. With having all the accessories in the same box it saves you money, you don’t need to pay for all those tools to anyone also saves your time as you might know the majority of those tools take a day or two in verification and dealing with other formalities.


SpyFu is primarily used for research and analysis for different keywords and also for websites. It shows click per cost value for every keyword searched across the globe. Also, one more beneficial thing about SpyFu is that it shows back records of your competitors. Records like their ranks, keywords, backlinks from last 11 years. it becomes handy for people doing online marketing through SEO. Through SpyFu’s help, you can easily see your opponent’s ad analysis, which can help to bypass fatal mistakes. By learning what worked for other companies and what didn’t, you can easily observe and plan a technique to merchandise your business in a vigorous way.

Mail Chimp:

Out of many other types of online marketing is email marketing. Almost 200 billion emails are sent and received every day. Email marketing automation tools have taken off the burden of manually composing and executing that big expanding number of emails. Mail Chimp is the most convenient tool for email marketing, it is used by 80% of the B2B and B2C companies. Out of 200 billion emails, Mail Chimp assists 100 billion emails per day. Another useful boost of Mail Chimp is that it filters out the spam emails. One more crucial specialty of the Mail Chimp is that provides Subject line researching facility which reads through the emails and provides a better version of the data written in emails. Mail Chimp offers a freemium version for its basic services like email automation.

Online Marketing is becoming wider field day by day. In the points discussed above, you can perceive, that there are many prominent digital tools for your assistance in online marketing, but these tools merely play a part in the marketing, the fundamental is the skill needed to perform those specific tasks. You can only proceed with your approach to make your marketing operations work for your targeted audience if you obtain the required knowledge and the abilities to execute it. These tools will only allow you to work more efficiently.

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