The Most Effective Email Productivity Hacks I Have Used!

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08Dec, 2017

The central core of any business depends upon communication with the clients and answering them at the right time. Hence to create thorough conversation email can be the best option. You can observe the growth of a company in many ways but solely depends upon the sufficient production of emails. Entrepreneurs use many different hacks for producing many emails. As the workload is getting massive day by day, so every single minute counts. So here are some hacks which should be seriously kept in mind all the time which many entrepreneurs schedule for effective email productivity. Henceforth save your day by acting on these pretty short points.


Try to impose this rule on yourself to check fewer times your email box. Try to visit least because checking all the emails one by one and answering them can consume a lot of time from your busy routine. Always spare some time in your schedule to checks emails and answer them. Time will not be wasted in this way and make this a proper routine. 2-3 hours will be enough for this process.


While checking your email always try to write less, commonly in short sentences as this is time-saving. Do not write in long stories and paragraphs. And reply only in the condition when it’s necessary.


If you have an email app on your phone and you are distracted by that, then push off your notifications. By this method, you will not be distracted, and your mailbox will never get crazy. And after some time if you want to see new emails in that app then in settings push on the notifications, and the emails will start appearing, this is the best hack which anyone can use is with push notifications.


It is among the best tool that is involved in productivity. It primarily acts as a management tool in the mailbox as it allows the emails to get scheduled and also helps in setting remainder for the emails you will send in future. One should use such type of tools that support you in the form of a time-saving miracle and believe me they help a lot. There is much software alike, but Boomerang is the best one and most widely used.


According to this term always opt for less email in the inbox. The emails which do you want to send in the trash or archive them then do it immediately because there is no point to keep all these emails in the inbox. As you never know that they can be ignored at any time.


If mails get too long and are more than 1500 words then that is not a mail it’s just a summarized story. Try to write very briefly and after that reply in the shortest possible way. But if the communications get extended then use the other techniques like phone calls, WhatsApp etc.


If someone wants to meet regarding business queries, then do not schedule a meeting at once. Moreover, if that work could be done by taking phone calls and emails use these two outstanding options so that your time could be saved. As meeting requires a lot of time and only individual sessions could be arranged but for a short span of time.


Shortcut keys are the best option if used correctly at the right time. Always try to use shortcut keys, as the usage of these keys is time-saving and is not less than a miracle. For example to copy a document uses the only ctrl+ckey from the keyboard. After that to paste a document somewhere use the shortcut key ctrl+v. It’s something time saving and will help you a lot.

After going through all these hacks check that whether are you using all of these hacks efficiently and successfully? On the other hand which hacks are the ones that you are missing them? Point by point follow them in daily routine and maintain consistency if you want to generate smooth and effective production.

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